Thieves reportedly try to sell Dresden museum jewels in Israel

Two of the pieces of jewellery stolen in a recent heist at one of Germany’s most opulent museums are said to be up for sale, according to an Israeli security firm.

Individuals claiming to have two sets of jewels from Dresden’s Green Vault – the Dresden White Diamond and the breast star of the Polish Order of the White Eagle – offered both items for 9 million euros (10 million dollars) in a series of emails, said Zvika Nave, chief executive of the CGI Group.

The company says it has been contracted to investigate the museum’s security measures and the break-in itself, which generated international headlines when it occurred last year.

However, the state body in charge of the Green Vault reacted with caution to the claims and said it was not working with CGI.

“The company also did not establish contact with us,” said Stephan Adam, a spokesman for Dresden State Art Collections (SKD).

Two thieves broke into the Green Vault, which houses one of Europe’s oldest and best-preserved collections of treasures, via a barred window in the early hours of November 25 and used an axe to access display cases in the jewel room.

The Dresden White Diamond and the Polish Order of the White Eagle were among over two dozen items stolen in the robbery, which lasted a matter of minutes.

The Tel Aviv-based CGI Group said it had been contacted by a law firm on behalf of the museum’s management.

The supposed robbers had demanded payment in Bitcoin, according to the company, which claimed it had received six or seven emails, the first of which was sent last week.

“All information was shared in real time with Dresden state prosecutors,” Nave said.

The senders of the email said that the messages were not trackable due to various encryption techniques.

By Thursday, police said they had been contacted with 1,200 tip-offs from Germany and abroad that could help with the investigation. However, the call-out for information has produced no main line of inquiry.

Investigators are also assessing more than 700 traces of evidence from three crime scenes.

Authorities in the eastern city of Dresden are working on the assumption that four people took part in the robbery, two of whom drove the getaway car, which was set on fire following the crime.

Police are offering a 500,000-euro reward for useful information.

The Historic Green Vault, which houses the jewel room, remains closed to the public around a month and a half after the heist. It is unclear when it will reopen.