US Rapid Response Team to settle in Cyprus

As part of its firm policy to respond affirmatively to requests for exclusively humanitarian operations, the Republic of Cyprus accepted a request made by the US Authorities through the US Embassy in Nicosia, and consented to a Rapid Response Team (RRT) temporarily settling in Cyprus, the mission of which would be, if necessary, to assist in the evacuation from the area of members of the US diplomatic delegations as well as US citizens, as Governmental Representative of Cyprus Kyriakos Kousios notes in his written statement.

Later on in the communication, it is noted that it is established and has repeatedly been the case in the past for the Republic of Cyprus to facilitate humanitarian operations on the basis of requests from third countries within and outside the EU, and it will continue to do so as a pillar of stability and security in the region, taking advantage of its geographical location, as well as the excellent relations it maintains with all the states of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Source: balkaneu