Greek, Love, and a Laptop: How to learn the richest language in the world!

Learning a foreign language is a challenging process and takes a lot of motivation and the right teacher to inspire you to go on; Mixed feelings of frustration and fulfillment overwhelm learners.

However, Greek is a different story. You need not worry. You know Greek but you just don’t know it. It runs through your DNA. In Greek Lessons Online we have the best recipe to “remind” you of your Greek. All you need is love… and a laptop!

Your Greek school at home

Through live broadcasting from Greece, cross-thematic projects, customized learning and live online events, experienced teachers engage students from the Greek diaspora and involve them in the unique experience of learning the language of their ancestors. All you have to do is switch on your computer. Once you do that, you connect with your Greek teacher. The next step is that you become an integral piece of the School’s puzzle. A school that aims to spread the Greek language and culture with love and enthusiasm to people from any corner of the world who want to learn it. Find the course that suits you best and if you want to take the Ellinomatheia Exams, then you are definitely in the right place!

Our Big Fat Greek Summers

Who does not love the technology that brings together Greek teachers and students who come from North America ,Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Canada, Australia, China, South Africa, Morocco, Doha, Lebanon, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom and many more? However, there is nothing like getting together and spending some unforgettable days in the best place to be in the summer, Greece!

Summer Camp for kids 

Every Summer, the team of Greek Lessons OnLine welcomes young expats 8-15 years old, from all over the world in one of the most fun camps in Europe, the Ranch, to immerse them into the Greek language. What’s better than learning while having the best time? Establishing lifelong bonds with Greek friends from all over the world is the only other thing that comes to mind. Interested in the camp?

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Immersion Course for Adults 

Are you older than 15 and feel sorry to miss a Summer Camp that sounds like a dream? Do not worry. Greek LOL offers you the chance for an Immersion Course for adults, designed to improve your speaking skills through stimulating classes, involve you in cultural activities and initiate you into the Greek lifestyle! This course is for adults of any nationality and language level.

Visit Greek Lessons OnLine to find out more about its classes and summer programs and if you are ready to experience the most interactive and fun Greek lesson, book your free trial lesson here.