Enjoy luxurious holidays in Athens at «Hotel@Syngrou-Fix»!

Many wonder where they could enjoy their holidays this summer… Greek destinations could easily be said to have the power to cover an entire “national Tourism Museum”

However, how many of us wondered about the dynamics of the Greek capital with the extent of the “exotic Athenian Riviera” dominating the majestic side of its name: The Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Syntagma, Monastiraki, the Hill of Filopappou?

How many of us noticed the grandeur of the summer months when gazing from its “maiden” the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio the overpopulated Aegean?

I found the answers from a different type of meeting with the “leadership” on the 6th and 7th floors of a promising new hotel in the heart of Athens the “Hotel @ SyngrouFix”.

Mr. Roumeliotis Christos (hotel manager) and Mr. Marios Dragoudis (Customer transfer Officer) welcomed us in the same way that we would be greeted by an excellent tour guide in the Acropolis speaking many different languages in the “Tour of our Mind and Soul”…

The Welcome to Athens History by Hotel @ SyngrouFix (https://www.hotelsyngroufix.gr/) opens before the eyes of visitors through three pages throughout history from 3000 BC.

Κecropas, Erehtheos, Solon, Kleisthenis, Darius, Pericles, Megas Alexandros,
Aeschylus, Pindaros, Sophocles, Eurippides, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Homer…

They are all there… Between the words and passion of Mr. Roumeliotis and the property for Greek history, culture, philosophy.

“For we are not that we are born, we are what we learn”

This is why the tour does not stop within Attica.. Along with Sounio, Salamina, Marathon, Lavrio.. Hotel Syngrou Fix and Nestorion Hotel in Paleo Faliro, give the opportunity to visitors through Mr. Marios to travel to wonderful nearby destinations such as Loutraki, Evia, Chalkida, Delphi, Patra, Monemvasia.

As long as you have the mood and appetite to… disciple under the light of the ancestors!

“A complete map of choices” with all the comforts and amenities of a luxurious hotel with 25 air-conditioned rooms with Sattelite TV, in the most famous avenue of Athens-Syngrou Avenue, in the bustling Koukaki, opposite the current National Museum of Modern Art and the Metro Syngrou fix, with a view overlooking the Acropolis and the Parthenon on the one hill Philopappou. On the other hand, with a modern space on the 6th floor that offers rich buffet breakfast in and out of the veranda with a triple view…

He officially opens his arms in the hands of the customers, charting the interest of tourists from all parts of the land, businessmen and… Greeks from inland.

You can book a room at the Hotel @ Syngrou-Fix online from the following address: https://www.hotelsyngroufix.gr/and see the numerous details here.Tel. + 302109233560
and e-mail: sales@hotelsyngroufix.gr.

“Though just one year

of birthing the destination,

We seize the call, with ouzo and maps in the embrace..

Do not sail alone, stay

Do not run alone, route

For those alone and with you visiting, for a thousand reasons you are succeeded,

The hotel Syngrou fix is rooted in the screens,

With countless memories in the regulars,

of a property waiting for you,

The root of giving and anticipation”Though just one year of birth the destination, that leaving Athens the texture,

Her voice behind you calls:

Of the fervent hospitality, the invisible cloth.

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