‘Animasyros’ international animation festival on September 18-22

'Animasyros' international animation festival on September 18-22

Films from Greece, Chile, Peru and even Japan – films that have already appeared in major world festivals and are making their premiere in Greece – will compete in the Animasyros 12th contest.

The largest international Animation Festival, Animasyros, which will take place on September 18-22 on the island of Syros, focuses on the environment and society. In its four competitions (international, TV series & on-demand films, feature, long films, audience award, student contest), it will present more than 200 films from around the world, by acclaimed professionals and the new generation of animators, inviting audiences to an imaginative journey in the art of animation.

In addition, the 12th Festival has selected Sweden, in cooperation with the country’s embassy in Greece, and Azerbaijan to be the honoured countries, with the last event curated by the director of the Animafilm Festival, Rashid Aghamalev.

A total of 22 films will compete this year in the Animasyros 12 International Competition.