The most unusual, but most popular, Airbnb is in Crete!

One of the most unusual Airbnb in the world. In recent years, with the worldwide spread of the short-term lease, the well-known Airbnb, we have seen old airplanes lakes and windmills to tree houses, cracks and upside-down boats on land.

Gabriela Damianaki, however, with “Summer Bed under the Stars” made the difference. With imaginatιon ingenuity and great passion, she created a different accommodation in Palaiokastro, Heraklion, Crete, by renting outdoor beds with roof , the sky! As seen in the video with aerial shots, it’s basically an old, large room with two double beds, a living room on one corner, two fireplaces with a chimney, but … no roof !

The site of the old house inside the dormitory of the “Gabriellas Garden” hotel inspired her and created the “Summer Bed under the Stars”, which has become part of the short-term rental platforms, with tourists from all over the world visiting it to experience the unique experience of being intimate with nature, living inside and under the sun and stars.

Filmmaker: Sarantos Nikos