Visiting Zakynthos’ beautiful ‘Turtle Island’

Visiting Zakynthos' beautiful 'Turtle Island'

The island of Marathonisi in Laganas Bay – known as ‘Turtle Island’ for its characteristic shape – is one of the lesser-known attractions of the Ionian island Zakynthos that brings visitors back year after year.

On an island famous for its white sands and azure waters, the white beaches on Marathonisi manage to stand out for their beauty and crystal-clear waters that are accessible only by boat, as well as the island’s characteristic shape.

As well as the large main beach, there are also a number of rocks and caves that have formed smaller private beaches, while the other side of the island has two large caves where visitors can dive, swim and take unique photographs.

It is also literally a turtle island since the protected Caretta caretta sea turtles use the beaches to lay their eggs, which due to the temperature of the beaches, hatches almost exclusively male turtles whereas the others in the bay hatch mainly females.