Rubicon attacks famous Greek chef’s restaurant

Early in the morning hours of Friday, members of the anarchist group Rubicon threw paint at Chef Hector Botrini’s restaurant.

They had practically announced the attack after employees at the chef’s restaurant in Corfu had denounced the way they were been treated.

Rubicon announced the attack through a post on an anarchist site on early Friday, citing both the employees’ from Corfu as well as a similar complaint from Mykonos, where allegedly waiters are forced to work barefoot on the hot sand.

The restaurant on Vasileos Georgiou Street in Chalandri was closed due to summer vacations and the members of the Rubicon threw paint everywhere and broke the central glass door, causing damages with the paint to the interior as well.

Later on, the leader of Rubicon threatened the chef in a facebook post, saying that next time he will also be slapped in the face.