PM Mitsotakis with Greek Homeless Football Team

PM Mitsotakis with Greek Homeless Football Team

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday met with the Greek Homeless Football Team at Maximos Mansion, one day after the team’s return from Cardiff city in Whales, where they took part in the 17th Homeless World Cup.

Mitsotakis expressed great pleasure for the meeting, thanked the members of the team for their visit, congratulated them for their achievements, and also praised the fact that they “never give up,” as he added.

“ You are a beacon of optimism and you show us that whatever difficulties one may face, one can overcome, by the power of one’s will,” said the Prime Minister, and added “a thousand thumbs up, not only for the football successes but for your (humanitarian) work at large.”

The Premier noted that social inclusion and the fight against poverty are a “personal bet” and underlined how he strives for “an inclusive society that will provide opportunities for everyone.”

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister for Welfare and Social Solidarity Domna Michailidou and Secretary General for Social Solidarity Against Poverty Giorgos Stamatis.