City of Nafplio gives Greek Drama in summer school

City of Nafplio gives Greek Drama in summer school

The first Greek drama summer school for Chinese students take place in the Peloponnese area. In order to present to them the mystique of this universally acclaimed form of classical theater and literature.


The summer school is planned by the country’s “Study in Greece” initiative, the Theater Studies Department of the University of the Peloponnese and the Athens-based Muse. The town hosts from July 27 to Aug. 4 the first Greek Educational Drama Summer School.


The reason for this school is to bring Chinese scholars to Greece in order to be involved and study the Greek theater, to transfer it to China and reinforce cultural exchange.


The schedule of the school including visits to ancient and modern theaters, using elements from ancient Greek drama to create plays and a short-lived presentation in English at the world-famous ancient theater of Epidaurus based on the Birds of Aristophanes.


Miao Bin said to Xinhua in a phone meeting that: “The experience was quite novel for the Chinese students, as they had previously only known about Greek mythology. Now they have got familiar with the ancient Greek drama, even though the language element makes it rather difficult for them.”