Renowned Chinese painter Qi Baishi’s works to show in Athens in November

Renowned Chinese painter Qi Baishi's works to show in Athens in November

An exhibition featuring the works of renowned painter and calligrapher Qi Baishi titled ‘The Mysterious East’ will open in Athens in November, marking the beginning of a collaboration of the B&M Theocharakis Foundation with the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts and the Greek-Chinese Institute of Development (EKINA).
Some 126 paintings of Qi Baishi (1863-1957) will be on show for the first time in Athens, at the B&M Theocharakis Foundation, from November 12 until January 19, 2020.
In a press release, the Foundation cites the Encyclopaedia Britannica referring to Qi Baishi, along with Zhang Daqian, as the last great traditional Chinese painters.
Qi Baishi was born in Xiangtan, in a poor rural family. He was a self-taught painter who, with the help of a manual of the Qin Dynasty, was initiated into the secrets of fine art.
At the age of 40 he traveled to many parts of China, inspired by its landscapes, and was considered a great exponent of Dono Gongbi painting, which is characterized by its extremely fine brushing and precise details. Favorite themes include dreamy landscapes, fish, crabs and flowers.
Baishi was a director of the Beijing Chinese Painting Institute, and continued the tradition of the so-called ‘Individualists’ of the 17th and 18th centuries, such as Shitao and Zhu Da.
At 92, he won the World Peace Council’s International Peace Award.

Qi Baishi’s works are on show at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, China’s National Arts Museum and dozens of other museums in the US, Europe and Asia.