Flamingo, garlic, prosthetic leg: New emojis are coming

Flamingo, garlic, prosthetic leg: New emojis are coming

Your messenger chats are about to get more colourful, diverse and inclusive. That’s because Apple and Google have announced a number of new emojis to celebrate World Emoji Day – yes that’s a thing.

Among the new symbols are, of course, more new animals, among them sloth, skunk and flamingo. Meanwhile, if you’ve ever felt the need send butter, garlic or falafel emojis, you need wait no longer.

Once again, a significant aspect of the latest round of additions is the focus on inclusion, with a prosthetic limb, a guide dog, a hearing aid and a wheelchair user being added to the ever-growing list.

According to Apple, users can now also choose from more than 75 combinations of skin tone and gender for the hand-holding emoji.

Apple says its new emojis will appear on iOS devices in the coming months with a forthcoming software update. Meanwhile Android users of the new Android Q operating system will see them in the course of the year.

The Unicode consortium, which is responsible for determining which emojis find their way into software, presented this new character set at the beginning of February. However, the individual companies are responsible for the specific designs of the symbols.

World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17, the day thought to be depicted on the iPhone’s calendar emoji.