Passages from Mount Athos to Chicago and from Lent to Easter

By: Ιερομόναχος ΝΕΚΤΑΡΙΟΣ Αγιαννανιτης Γεροντας Ιστορικής Καλυβης Τιμιου και Ζωοποιου ΣΤΑΥΡΟΥ Αδελφότητος ΑΝΑΝΑΙΩΝ Σκητής Αγιας Άννης Αγιου ΟΡΟΥΣ

The resurrected Christ provides each person with blessing, gifts and goods. Many of us make a good use of them, we accept them and wait for them on a regular basis. We are not amazed by time or amount but we are amazed by the moment, the special moment of the  distinct fact.

This is the most important of this case until the next time. And the next distinction, the bright moment when the Grace will pass again and we would live this important and marvelous fact.

With this Easter “shower” of the very noble gifts I crossed the Atlantic and found myself at the present Chicago Cathedral with gifts such as the blessed and kind Bishop, the precious faithful people and the apex of the passage: the community of St George Lincoln Park with the beloved worker of the Gospel Father Chrysanthos as well as many workers of his vineyard, where all together under the spirit of Easter love provided gifts, donated and created the light of Easter as something unique for each one and for all as the community of resurrected Christ!!

But a rich passage for many and a fine reward is Easter at the eagles’ nest of Mt Athos, namely Agia Anna (St Anne). The hermitage which remains in the heart of every one who have visited. Experiences that are hard to erase from our souls, from our hearts. Just let each one of us live its own resurrection and its gifts. I will thank the resurrected Christ and ask him to allow us to live such passages and offer us such gifts as many times as he finds necessary. The only gift I want is to be able to pray, to come as supplicant before the Holy Cross which I take care of and continue the great mission he entrusted me! I wish he grants health to the reverent Bishop Nathanael in the Chicago Cathedral, as well as to the Christians and our hospitable brothers, Father Chrysanthos and all those who in great love brotherhood welcomed me, took care of me and helped me and continue to love me. Let us all be worthy of the continuation of passages and gifts, of love and support.