The love of Marika Mitsotaki for Kyriakos – What happened in 1986 in New York

Konstantinos Triantafyllakis narrated the following story at the Hellenic Daily News, referring to his acquaintance with Marika Mitsotaki, the distant 1986, in New York, and her agony as mother, for her young son, Kyriakos, the current prime minister Greece…

Read the text:

THE LOVE OF MANA … In 1986 Marika Mitsotaki came to New York to do some very specialized exams. I was then secretary of the ND Local Committee and with my late friend Dimitris Dimitriou, who was President, she begged us to accompany her to the hospital. I was suddenly surprised because Marika knew a lot of people in NY and had relatives. I asked why he chose us, but she did not answer.

In the waiting room, obviously in order to entertain her anxiety, she began to binge me… because although I was 30 years old I had not yet … married because I had … beard and most importantly because I did not go to Greece every summer to see my mother!

“Call her at least once a week”, was her command. After completing the examinations, she was very anxious to wait for the doctor to shout for the results. Marika was a brave woman, but she was worried … She took a picture of Kyriakos from her wallet and began to caress it until she was crying.

“Do you know what I did for this kid? My precious bird”! I did not ask … But she started to talk to the nun… It would be half an hour or one, or I do not remember… The doctor appeared and she wiped her eyes. She did not want to see her tearfully.

“Everything seems to be OK,” said the doctor with a huge smile. She was caught by my hand to get up and hugged the doctor for the good news… She was hanging over him for a while… She still had the photograph of Kyriakos in her hands … Up there, she will be the happiest person these days…”