Greek Oxygen: The man behind the inconceivable idea of selling Greek air is talking to HDN!

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Greece and Greek products are a leading brand all over the world, and if the country perceived it and used it better, surely things would be much better with our economy.

Another asset of our people, of course, is nothing more than the… “spirit”, and especially in the business, and that’s what we … present you! A company sells – literally – Greek … air, and it goes fine, even exporting!

How did this work and what is Greek Oxygen? The Hellenic Daily News found the founder and inspirer of GREEK OXYGEN, Anastasios Batsilas, who answered our questions! “When you hold in your hands a GREEK OXYGEN, you keep all of Greece, and that cannot be bought,” he told us with pride, while giving his advice to the young Greek entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

Hellenic Daily News: How was the idea of ​​creating Greek Oxygen originally born?

Anastasios Batsilas: Greece is a source of inspiration for ideas. We live in a blessed and enviable country, a country with exciting marine and mountain scenery, smells and flavors that remain indelible in time.

Our cultural heritage is one of the oldest on the planet, our earth is sacred, it produces the most delicious and quality products of the world, the sun, the sea and oxygen attract millions of tourists each year to Greece where the greatest ancient figures were born, Aristotle, Homer, Pythagoras Platon and, of course, Alexander the Great.

The above was the source of inspiration for our idea. We “stuck” in a box and we called it … GREEK OXYGEN!

After about three years of operation, what are your impressions of the world’s response to your product?

The response of the world surpassed all expectations, they loved our idea and of course our product. We work everyday and try to prove that behind the small blue box is a lot of love and effort.

Do they really regard our oxygen as something of a high quality, worth buying in a box?

Now everyone has perceived the value of GREEK OXYGEN. Of course, they consider it quality. It is the only product that will really remind Greece. Buying a GREEK OXYGEN you get a real piece of Greece. You get the most precious good from our country. The Greek Oxygen!

What exactly can the buyer use?

GREEK OXYGEN has no utility value. Its value is Brand name. When you hold in your hands a GREEK OXYGEN, you keep all Greece and this cannot be bought …

If you really want to have Greece constantly near you, buy a Greek oxygen.

With your presence, you prove that no idea is bad about innovation and the use of the brand “Greece”. What message would you like to address to young Greek entrepreneurs looking for the right opportunity to innovate?

Greek oxygen. An idea that started and succeeded. Perhaps the most important part of the success of a business, is the establishment and continuous strengthening of Brand name.

Working a company on the disclosure and establishment of its product name is an integrated and successful marketing strategy. Whether it’s a box of Greek oxygen or any product, the production process, promotion of advertising and ultimately selling is the same.

In the new Greek businessmen I would suggest that they respect and appreciate our Greece, to take advantage of the strong branches. In our tourism, agriculture and livestock, there are thousands of opportunities, and also i recommend patience, perseverance and enormous commitment to what they choose to follow.

If you really love and believe what you do, you have nothing to fear.

So you can also give value to the only … free good of Greek nature. Do you have some future expansion plans for your activities?

Greek Oxygen has now become a brand name. We are targeting other industries and we are already in the process of implementing some new products.

We have also received some suggestions from knowledgeable Greek companies in the field of bottled water and carbonated drinks, who want to use the brand name “Greek oxygen” in a new range of Greek products.

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