Andreeva: Commission ‘politically colour-blind’, expects new Greek government to meet commitments

Andreeva: Commission 'politically colour-blind', expects new Greek government to meet commitments

The European Commission is “always politically colour-blind” and treats people and countries with equality, EU Commission spokesperson Mina Andreeva said during the regular press briefing on Monday. She was replying to questions concerning the Commission’s attitude toward Greece’s new conservative government and suggestions that it might be more “accommodating” toward a more right-wing prime minister.

“I think no one other than European Commission President Juncker has proven this more because, indeed, he worked with a prime minister from a different political party than his own political party and he deployed all the efforts that he could in order to ensure that Greece stays in the euro area, that the measures are socially acceptable through the first social assessment accompanying the Greek programme,” Andreeva replied.

She noted that the European Commission works and will continue to work with “whoever is directly elected by the people and therefore deserves respect and our cooperation, independent from their political party affiliation.”

Responding to criticism that the Commission’s recommendations led to Tsipras losing the elections, Andreeva cited the congratulatory letter that Juncker sent to Mitsotakis following his victory in Sunday’s elections, in which he referred to the great efforts made by the Commission and himself to keep Greece in the euro area.

“As you know, now the economic indicators have improved considerably and the country has come out of a programme…I think this is exactly what President Juncker did note in his letter when he said that a lot had been achieved but, of course, more work remains to be done, and he assured the incoming government that they can continue counting on the full support of the European Commission to ensure that the country and its people reap the full benefits of the efforts that were undertaken in recent years,” she said, repeating Juncker’s statement that the Greek people deserve respect for this.

“We have, of course, full confidence now that the new Greek government will fulfill all these commitments that the Greek State has undertaken and that the completion, delivery and continued implementation of the reforms that were agreed under the stability support programme will continue to be monitored through the enhanced surveillance framework,” she added.