Two Earthquakes in Two Days: Southern California Rocked by a Larger, Second Earthquake

Following Thursday’s 6.4 earthquake, Southern California was rocked by another earthquake Friday night. Initially, the United States Geological Survey reported it as a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an updated magnitude of 6.9, only to have it to return to 7.1. At this magnitude, the earthquake clocks in five times bigger than Thursday’s tremor.

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Blue and red clusters on map to the right of @DrLucyJones indicate dozens of aftershocks. More than 50 have been mag 3 or higher. 10 percent chance a mag 7 will happen again within 24 hrs. @SpecNews1SoCal

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Bystander footage sent to the PIO from an Orange County resident, showing the effects of the earthquake on a pool in Orange County, just after the quake.

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The earthquake triggered multiple fires throughout the Ridgecrest region. Even more so there has been reported damage and injuries across the region. According to official reports, there are more than 2,000 people currently without power. Homes are being reported as “shifted” with cracks to their foundation as well as damaged walls. 

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In a report to CNN, “CalTech seismologist Lucy Jones said Friday both earthquakes are part of an ongoing sequence, of a “very energetic system.” The initial 6.4 earthquake was a foreshock while the 7.1 earthquake was the mainshock.