E-ticket Extends to More Greek Sites, Museums

E-ticket Extends to More Greek Sites, Museums

The Greek culture ministry said this week that it would be extending its upgraded e-ticket to a number of new sites and museums across Greece, aiming to improve the overall tourist experience.


Following the approval of Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS), e-ticket access will soon be available at the sites of Ancient Olympia, the Archaeological Site of Aigai – Vergina, the National Archaeological Museum, Delphi, as well as to Thessaloniki museums and landmarks including its Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Rotonda, and the White Tower.

At the same time, the ministry announced the launch of an online B2B service aimed at tourism professionals, as well as the provision to professional tour guides of a special e-card allowing admission to museums and archaeological sites.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Acropolis who have purchased tickets online from etickets.tap.gr will be able to gain immediate entry through newly introduced fast lanes.

The ministry also said it would be proceeding with the installation of ticket machines for faster service and access to the world famed site.

Other projects moving ahead include the upgrade of entry gates to facilitate e-ticket holders.

Indicatively, according to ministry data, half of all tickets issued in May and June were either though the ministry’s e-ticket platform, automatic tellers, or group sales points.