‘Hellas to the Moon’ project in second stage

“The huge advantage of the existence of the Hellenic Space Agency (HSA) is that Greece is participating in the moon lander, along with the German, French and Japanese space agencies, and with European Space Agency (ESA). HSA is one of the five organisations of this kind participating in this mission to the moon with NASA, which is very important” said HSA Chairman Christodoulos Protopapas, speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency radio “Praktoreio 104.9” on Wednesday.
Protopapas revealed a very important new development in the programme “Hellas to the Moon”, which meant that it was now ready to move to its second stage: “Greece and HSA are participating in NASA’s mission to the moon and we can announce that NASA recently decided on the lunar lander, the company and the organisation that will construct this big lunar craft, in which we will place our own spacecraft,” he said. “We are now in contact [with NASA] to proceed with the second stage…in order to send our small Greek rover to the moon,” he added.
According to Protopapas, Greece did not have the funds to construct a lunar vehicle other than the rover, which will “hitch a ride” on the large NASA’s lander to carry Greek experiments to the moon”.