Sosy Ladies: Life coaching under the sun

One year ago, Eva Metis decided to leave London and her career in order to return to Greece, after almost ten years, and discover her true path in life that would lead her to happiness and fulfilment.

For six months, she sailed the Greek seas starting from the Saronic Gulf down to the Cyclades. Through her journey she found the time to explore herself and realise her true passions and skills.

That was the moment Sosy Ladies were born. A keen sailor herself had discovered many years ago the power of the sea and sailing in healing people and empowering them.

At a crossroads now she realised that the time she spent at sea helped her realise what she really wanted to do with her life. She realised that apart from sailing, the other thing she was good at was helping people with their lives. It was natural to her. Not only her friends but also perfect strangers sometimes would feel comfortable or even feel the need to open up to her and ask her for help.

Before leaving London, Eva had attended some life coaching seminars because it sounded appealing to her and now she decided to dive deeper into this world and the more she got to know it the more she loved it. She took a certificate in life coaching and then specialised in three areas; Life Purpose, Happiness and Goal Setting as these were her strong points in her life too.

An achiever who had to start from scratch many times in her life and excel in really tough working arenas in many parts of the world, she was perfectly equipped now to start using her experiences and expertise in order to help others.

Sosy Ladies offer women from all over the world and of all ages a sailing and life coaching unique experience in Greece, even if they don’t know anything about sailing, and help them structure their life, create actionable plans, develop confidence, discover their inner strength, find their true passions, make life changes, reach emotional growth, gain satisfaction and overcome limiting beliefs.

When you meet Eva, you understand right away why it is so easy for people to trust her and open up to her, it is her smile and her genuine interest when you talk to her.

To find more about Sosy Ladies visit and contact Eva to discuss the best program for you.