Even rockstars get hacked

Even rockstars get hacked

After falling prey to a hacker holding unpublished music for ransom, cult band Radiohead have decided to release a trove of unheard recordings to fans.

According to lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, a hacker was able to get access to files from the band’s frontman Thom Yorke. But rather than letting the hacker get rich from the ransom, the band now wants to do fans a favour.

“We got hacked last week – someone stole Thom’s minidisk archive from around the time of OK Computer, and reportedly demanded 150,000 dollars on threat of releasing it,” Greenwood said.

Rather than pay the ransom, the band is now letting fans buy the 18 hours of unpublished recordings from around the time of the band’s hit album “OK Computer” (1997).

“Just for the next 18 days. So for 18 pounds [23 dollars] you can find out if we should have paid that ransom,” Greenwood wrote.

The proceeds of sales will go to environmentalist campaign Extinction Rebellion. The activist group thanked the band and quoted a fan-favourite Radiohead lyric to highlight the impending climate change disaster: “We’re not scaremongering, this is really happening.”