These are the strangest saints of the Orthodox Church

These are the strangest saints of the Orthodox Church

There are Saints who cross the Greek borders and reach far distant countries, where it would hardly be believed that there would be Orthodox Christians, much more Saints of Orthodox tradition.

1. Saint Christopher the Cynokalos

Here is a saint of a barbarian race, probably of Gedrosia, where the members of this tribe tended to distort their faces. The dog’s head may be symbolic

2. St. Peter the Eskimo (Aleutian):

He was a student of St Germain of Alaska, who suffered terrible torture and martyrdom for his faith. The natives were fighting for rights against the colonialists.

3. St. Metrofanis Tsing-chung

A noble person,one of the proponents of the Orthodox Church of China, was cruelly slaughtered with his flock at the Boxers’ uprising, arguing that he was a coroner of the colonialists and promoted a religion foreign to the Chinese people.

4. St. Patrick the Celt

It is the national saint of the Irish who is today honored by all Christians. Amazing personality, ascetic and reformer.  Tradition says he lead all snakes  out of Ireland.

5. St Ahmed the apprentice, Turkish

A neomartyr who loved Christ via his maid. He courageously declared to his fellow Turks that Christian faith is the true one and then martyred. Thanks to him, the name Ahmet is now Christian.

6. St. Moses the Ethiopian or Negro

Terrible deserter and murderer, he repented and became a simple, humble monk. Suffered extreme racist discriminations by many of his compatriots.