Pope Francis repeats condemnation of abortion – ‘never the answer’

Pope Francis repeats condemnation of abortion - 'never the answer'

Pope Francis has again spoken out against abortion, even if there is evidence of a serious illness or malformation of the foetus in the womb.

“No one can be considered incompatible with life, either because of his age or because of his state of health,” the head of the Catholic Church said on Saturday at an audience for participants in a conference organized by the Vatican entitled “Yes to Life!”.

The pontiff also addressed the issue of prenatal diagnosis.

“Abortion is never the answer,” Francis said, warning against using prenatal diagnosis for “selective purposes.”

He encouraged physicians to find solutions “that respect the dignity of every human life” and to support families who want to bring a sick child into the world.

“Often these few hours in which a mum can cradle her baby leave a mark on the heart of this woman that she will never forget,” he said.

The Argentinian pope has repeatedly condemned abortion with clear words.

On Saturday, he also repeated a comparison that caused indignation in the past year: He equated abortion with hiring a contract killer. Abortion is always a grave sin for the Catholic Church.