“The Universal Actor”: The “science” of the theater in Maria Olon Tsaroucha’s new book

Through a Greek woman’s research, a new book comes to the USA to “wake up” the famous theater masters.

“The Universal Actor” by Maria Olon Tsaroucha.

by Evageline Plakas

Maria Olon Tsaroucha, known in Greece for her twenty years of successful theater career, has recently moved to New York. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and  Founding Member of the AADA Actors Society. Her book, ‘The Universal Actor”, which will soon be released for the English-speaking audience, is the evolution of the famous Method Acting of the great theater teachers, Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg and later Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Meisner. It studies and highlights new paths of thought, behavior through the Perceptual Acting and Directing method of consciousness, a philosophy that is increasingly established as the new way of life in USA.

In recent years, the scientific community has opened up new ways of thinking and discovering the relationship between the specialized knowledge of different disciplines. Universities in USA create new disciplines of science that study man as a whole. Manhood is going through a new era, the era of consciousness. Developments in neuroscience research in the early 21st century are leaps and bounds. Neuroscience is a broad term covering areas such as biology, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, philosophy, and at the same time includes anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, and genetics. In Greece, the Association of Greek Physicists (E.E.F), which has published the book, stands out for its work and actions, pioneering new research and thinking paths by having great personalities in the field of science, technology, philosophy and art, which excel also outside the Greek border.

The E.E.F is a member of E.P.S, European Physical Society since January 1970 and a founding member of B.P.U. Balkan Physics Union. It has a mutual membership agreement with the British Society. E.E.F is a member of the MASAD Mediterranean Science Association, Association for Science Advancement and Dissemination, based in Rome.

The book “The Universal Actor” comes to bridge the theories of quantum physics, mindfulness and the Method of the famous Actors Studio, into a new harmony. No new foundations are being discovered but new levels of understanding are being built, beyond “analyze and reflect” in “I live and exist” following the current trends of psychological thinking and healing, in the “present and now”, reflecting the existential Yalom and Rogers and the Actors Studio’s Method Acting.

The book expands and enriches the theory of parallel universes and the quantum interleaved observer – observed, bringing it to the actress’s  measure, introducing the theory of frames, as the actor’s synchronization with his characters waiting to emerge through proper  coordination.

It opens horizons of further study of human evolution, transforming fear into strength and introducing a new artistic ethos into the aesthetic experience, through the transformation of the actor and the director.

“Acting is inextricably linked to evolutionary self-awareness. Existence is the subject of research and the theater is the vehicle of understanding human nature” explains the author of the book, Maria Olon Tsaroucha.